Pamela Speight



Pamela Speight has lived and studied visual art in Canada and the US, and exhibited her work in public and private galleries in various cities, including: Vancouver and Victoria, BC; Seattle, WA; Worcester, MA; Washington, DC; and Tallahassee, FL. In addition, she has curated exhibitions in Victoria, BC and Boston, MA, as well as at the Vancouver Island University campus gallery. She currently teaches studio courses in VIU’s Art and Design Department.

Speight’s art practice is focused primarily on painting with oil on canvas or linen, drawing with varied materials on paper, and building mixed media on wood constructions. Her work is part of numerous private and public collections such as the Canada Council Art Bank, the Richmond Art Gallery and the Burnaby Art Gallery. She has participated in several artist residency programs that include the Banff Centre.

While growing up, Speight’s interest in visual art was greatly influenced by family members who are or were artists living in diverse parts of the world (including sculptor Henry Moore in the UK). She was also fortunate to spend her childhood in close proximity to forests and lakes. Through many hours of quiet observation she developed a keen awareness of the interrelation of plant and animal species visible on land and concealed underground and underwater. This grew into a fascination with what occurs beneath the surface of things, in a literal sense as well as metaphorically.

As an adult Speight’s connection with the natural world remains unwavering. Her work references the ways we think about nature and loss, and cycles of growth and decay. She shares a profound disquiet felt by many of us over the ongoing frenzy of industrial resource extraction, increasing destruction of habitat, manipulation of living things into commodities, and consequent threats to the balance of life globally.


Pamela Speight’s complete curriculum vitae can be sent upon request via her website Contact page.