Paintings, Oil on Linen


Territories is a series of sixteen paintings in oil linen primed with clear gesso. To achieve softly indistinct and subtle color variations I applied layers of transparent colors onto the surface with a brush, rubbing away some areas of each layer with a cotton rag before applying the next color. The paintings are finished with several coats of varnish.

The Territories images are derived from shapes occurring in nature, as well as those found in “engineered” life forms.  Sometimes the two are combined to reference our ongoing manipulation of living things in order to create “products” that may upset, in a relative instant, delicate balances of the natural world that have evolved over millions of years.  

The title, like the paintings themselves, is multi-layered. It also refers to our perceptions of individual and collective physical space. The shapes in Territories reference the body, and extend to notions around what is familiar and known, as well as what we may find threatening. The paintings are symbolic spaces that remind us of the mutability of the internal, the external and the “other”.